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Are in searching for a mold inspection company in Springfield?  Your search for a mold removal company are over.  Located in Springfield, MO, Environmental Services Provider has over 30 years experience in helping people recover from environmental issues.  We have mold remediation specialists standing by.  Give us a call today!


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Environmental Services Provider is a full service environmental firm.  We offer many solutions to a number of environmental problems. By serving the Ozarks for over 30 years, we are able to solve issues in a timely manner all while following the proper protocol. Here is just a short list of some of the environmental services that we offer.


Testing is the only way to confirm if you have high levels of Radon in your home or business. Call to setup and appointment.


Asbestos is known to cause cancer, if you have any concerns over possible Asbestos in your home or business, call today for testing.


Due to the possibility of underground storage tanks leaking contaminants, it might be best to remove the tank.


An environmental site assessment is a report prepared for a real estate holding that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.  


We handle customers problems, as if they were our own. If you need us at 10 PM or 2 AM, we will be there.  Our emergency crew is standing by.


Our local laboratory is equipped to handle almost any situation. We even have local competitors that use our lab services.


Same Day Mold Inspection Available

One of our highly trained mold inspection experts will do a visual inspection at your location and take air quality samples if needed.

Here is a short list of some of the environmental services that we provide:

* Mold Inspection Springfield
* Mold Remediation Springfield
* HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Springfield
* Air Quality Testing Springfield
* Crawl Space Mold Removal Springfield

Common Questions About Mold Inspections and Testing

What are the Average Mold Removal Costs?

Mold removal costs will vary depending on what part of the world you are located, but on average, you should expect to pay $500 to $4000. Talk with your local mold inspector and removal company for an estimate.

Mold Inspector Near Me?

How to find the best mold inspector near me?  If you are located in Springfield or SW Missouri, your are in luck.  We have been servicing the area for over 30 years.

Do I Need to Clean My HVAC Duct Work?

Since your HVAC unit is circulating the air through your house, it makes sense for that air to be as clean as possible. Cleaning your HVAC Duct Work will not only improve the quality of air in your home, it will also increase the performance for your system.

Springfield Mold Inspection Cost

Mold Removal Cost Video

Are you still hesitant about bringing in a professional to help with your mold and moisture problems?  You don't need to stress about it anymore, Environmental Services Provider has got your back.  Our mold inspectors are ready to take care of your home or business.

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Crawl Space Mold Removal in Springfield

If you have a musty smell coming from your crawl space, we can help.  Moisture in a crawl space is not uncommon, especially if there is no vapor barrier.  Having a vapor barrier is just the first step in resolving any mold or moisture issues in your crawl space.  Let one of our professional mold inspectors do a visual inspection of your home to evaluate your situation.  Call Today!

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Mold Inspection Companies Springfield

The short answer is: "A mold inspection is when a person looks for mold growth in a building." To give you a better understanding of what mold inspections should and need to include, here are important factors to consider for mold inspections.

Six Important Things You Should Know About Mold Inspections

Mold inspections need to be performed by a qualified mold inspector who has formal training and experience with mold inspections. Training and experience are necessary.

Mold inspections should look for evidence of past or current mold growth.Past mold growth may indicate a water problem which will come back when certain conditions return such as a recurring leak. Past mold growth may also cause sensitized individuals to have an allergic reaction or, conceivably, cause some individuals to start becoming sensitized to mold.

Mold inspections should look for mold within the building, inside walls, and in other areas where mold growth is undesirable, including areas where mold growth could be causing structural issues such as wood decay in crawlspaces.

Some mold growth in buildings may be perfectly normal. For example,Ceratosystis and Ophiostoma are two molds that grow on lumber (sometimes referred to as lumber yard mold) and are frequently found growing on two by fours or other structural framing within buildings. These molds grow on the sap of wood and stop growing once the wood has dried. Although they cause black staining on the wood, they do not cause any structural issues. If black staining is found on wood, the mold inspector can take a sample and send it to the mold testing lab for analysis to determine if it is one of these molds.

It is very important (and some would say essential) that the mold inspection look for sources of moisture. Water is essential for mold growth. Without a source of water, you will not have mold growth. Consequently, if there is mold growth, it must be associated with a source of moisture. If this source of moisture is not found and eliminated, the mold growth will return and remediation efforts are of negligible long term value. The importance of looking for sources of moisture cannot be overstated and must be included.

Mold inspections are a subset of investigations called "Indoor Air Quality" (IAQ) investigations. These investigations look at the broader question: "What irritants are present in the air causing discomfort to the occupants?" If you are having a mold inspection because you feel ill when you are in a certain building or room, you might consider whether other irritants may be causing the discomfort and include these in the investigation.
Why Would I Need A Mold Inspection?

Common reasons for mold inspections include:

If you have an allergic reaction such as a runny nose, sneezing, or itchy eyes associated with being in a certain room or building.

To verify that sources of moisture have been successfully stopped and that no residual mold growth has been left after a known water and mold problem has been fixed.

To confirm that there is not an existing moisture or mold problem associated with a new building or home that you plan to rent or purchase.

If a specific water problem resulted in mold growth in a specific area, that doesn't necessarily mean you need a mold inspection. For example, if a roof leak has resulted in moldy ceiling tiles, then simply fixing the roof leak and replacing the ceiling tiles may be all that is necessary.
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Do You Need Air Quality Testing?

Environmental Services Provider will come to your location and take air samples. We will provide a detailed, written report on what we find within 24 hours of testing.

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